Ordering a Kitchen
Public Studio

Public Studio

We love to work with the small, niche suppliers. Therefore, it is with delight that we offer Public Studios beautiful worktops in Stockholm and the surrounding area.

Contact Public Studio for available selection.

002 Multi Color Maroon – This marble comes from a small marble quarry in central Greece. Two brothers, goat farmers, have on their land a small quarry where this incredibly beautiful and varied marble is found. In addition to its aesthetic natural beauty, the stone is also incredibly strong and resilient.

004 Multi Color Blush – This is a vintage marble that comes from a small, now closed, marble quarry in Greece. Only available in very limited volumes. Variation rich pink and beige tones with exciting marbled rings and patterns.

007 Public Marble (French vanilla) –From a small family-owned quarry near the Adriatic Sea coast, this warm vanilla-colored marble comes with beautiful fossils and character.


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