Timber Worktops

Timber Worktops

We supply timber worktops from our carpentry in Skåne. They are available in thicknesses of 19 mm and 30 mm. They are manufactured in dimensions up to 3000 mm. Our worktops are made with whole timber. A handbuilt solid wood, whole timber worktop provides a warm and reliable impression. Oak, a durable wood that ages beautifully, is a favorite for both us and our customers.

‎We also manufacture larger surfaces in solid wood for your kitchen island.‎

Worktop in solid beech. 30 mm thick. Surface treated with oil and‎ white pigment.‎

Worktop in oiled oak, 19 mm thick.‎

Worktop in 30 mm oak.

Worktop in 19 mm oiled oak met by stainless steel worktop.

10 year aged, linseed oiled, 19 mm oak worktop with upstand.


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