In order to more easily understand one's storage and workstop needs, it can be good to make a plan of the kitchen. With our kitchen planner you can easily create sketches, and based on these sketches we can easily provide you with a clear price picture. All information about our cabinets can be found by navigating to Our kitchens page. If you want planning tips, you can find them further down the page.

Our kitchens can also be ordered if you live in Denmark, Norway, northern Europe, or the UK.


Once you've selected a kitchen range you like, visit our kitchen planner and start planning your kitchen. You layout your cabinets by drag and dropping them onto the sketch surface. You can easily delete and start over or save the sketch and continue another day.

We're happy to assist you with sketching your kitchen. In order for us to do that, we need a room measurement sketch as well as photos of your room. Follow the instructions on the page and email us the material together with a time to book a telephone meeting with the nearest showroom.

Följ anvisningarna i måttskiss-länken och maila oss materialet tillsammans med en tid för att boka telefonmöte med närmsta showroom.

Feel free to watch our kitchen planner instructional videos.


When you feel finished with the sketch, send it to us via the kitchen planner. You will then receive an email containing a link to your kitchen sketch and within 1-2 days we will send you a price quote.


After you have received your price quote, you are welcome to book a phone appointment with us via email. We can then talk further about the sketch and adjust details if necessary. When we are satisfied with the kitchen, we lock the sketch in the planner and send you the order for final approval.


After approval of the order documentation, the order is sent to the carpentry shop. Expect about 6-8 weeks delivery time for your kitchen. Our delivery and payment terms can be found here. Regrettably, we are currently only accepting orders with a minimum amount of 8-10 cabinets.

At the moment we are processing many orders and therefore delivery times may be longer.


Easily plan and design your future kitchen with our kitchen planner.


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