The transportation cost for a normal-sized kitchen delivered to Stockholm is around SEK 8-10,000. A similar transport within Skåne costs about SEK 3-5,000. The cost of your particular transport is calculated in connection with your final invoice about 14 days prior to delivery. At this time you will also be informed of the exact delivery date and timeframe the transport is expected to arrive. Telephone notification always takes place about one hour before the driver arrives.

We work with a transportation company that understands the importance being careful when transporting our fragile kitchens. Our cabinets are packed on standard pallets and wrapped with stretch plastic. To keep the cost of transport down, the driver always comes alone and only helps to unload the pallets on level ground behind the truck. A waybill always comes with every transport. It is important that the pallets are checked for possible transport damage and signed by the recipient. Read more about this in our purchase and delivery conditions.


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