Our cabinets do not have fixed prices, rather we look at your entire request and how efficiently we can currently manufacture it in in relation to our other orders. This means, for example, that if you make a request for a few diverse cabinets, these usually get get priced higher than if they were included in an order with a higher quantity of similar cabinets.

In order for you to get an idea of what a request might look like in terms of price, we have provided three examples below. The prices shown are realistic approximations using our pricing model that we try to follow.

Due to the world situation and the pandemic, prices for materials and transport have changed faster than anyone could have expected. We have tried to keep prices as low as possible regardless of events, but already this past autumn we were forced to make price adjustments. We hope that you will continue to stay with us as customers in the coming years.

SEK 79,000
SEK 115,000
SEK 138,000 kr

Our three kitchen ranges Original, Modul and Modern offer painted HDF doors and drawer fronts at the same price level. The Modul range can be ordered with a pine veneer door/drawer front. In the case of unpainted cabinets the price will be slightly lower.


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