We are a small kitchen company with entirely proprietary products. The products are developed by carpenters with extensive experience in both carpentry production and on-location assembly work for our customers. This knowledge and experience is used to ensure our kitchens are as easy to assemble as possible. On our website there are clear installation instructions that are easy to follow.

Our production takes place today in a well-developed modern carpentry shop with knowledgeable employees. This production environment, together with continued product development is the central focus of Funkiskök today. It follows that we no longer undertake any assembly or renovation work, but we have full confidence that you as our customer will find a suitable contractor. In some cities in Sweden, and through our dealers, we can often recommend craftsmen who we know can handle assignments in a flawless manner. If craftsmen want to ask us questions during the actual assembly work then we are happy to help and will be available by phone or email by appointment.


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