We manufacture handbuilt kitchens in solid wood. To make it as easy and efficient as possible for you to plan your kitchen, the cabinets are manufactured in standard dimensions. This is how we think we can carry on the fine Swedish tradition of quality kitchen construction. A cabinet system constructed in standard dimensions is both balanced in shape and proportion. This increases the possibility of simple, beautiful and timeless kitchen solutions.

Our kitchens are built from scratch in our carpentry shop in Skåne. For us, it is important that our kitchens are manufactured in Sweden and to use only natural materials. Therefore, all our kitchens have solid pine frames, shelves and drawers. A kitchen interior with solid wood frames lasts for several generations and makes it an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution. Our kitchen series Original, Modern and Modul rest in the kitchen design language that started with the entry of functionalism into Swedish architecture. A light and stripped-down expression that still characterizes today's design and time.


The sisters Kinna and Catha who run Konkret Studio will be our new dealers in Gothenburg.

It feels good to represent a kitchen company that manufactures its kitchens in solid wood in a small carpentry shop in Sweden. With Funkiskök's modular cabinet system you have a combination of tradition and good form and craftsmanship with a modern take. With good quality, Funkiskök faces the future in a sustainable way.

We are both trained as interior designers. As architects, we help both companies and private individuals, and we are used to planning both small and large projects. As we have extensive experience in the profession and have worked together for many years, we feel secure in our new role as reseller.

It will be great fun to meet customers and show Funkiskök's products in our new showroom at Gibraltargatan 54 in Gothenburg.

Funkiskök Original

Funkiskök Original is a kitchen with roots in the 30-50s. Cabinet doors and drawers are beveled and the frame is usually white.

Funkiskök Modern

The MODERN kitchen series is a timeless kitchen interior with clear origins in our Original range.

Funkiskök Modul

Modul is a kitchen interior suitable for both modern and traditional architecture. A light and stripped-down expression where doors and drawers come to life with the frame.


Whave developed a system of cabinets in standard dimensions that can complement your existing, as well as new, kitchen environment. The cabinets are not a stock item, rather they are built to order by hand in solid pine. In order for production to be as efficient as possible, the cabinets are manufactured according to specific dimensions. All our cabinets can be found here on our website.

In a kitchen order, it is easy for us to produce suitable fillers and plinths for your interior. With the help of these, cabinets will fit nicely with your existing architecture.


All our kitchens are available in any NCS colour. Read more about colour choices and what to consider.


Solid wood is a wonderful natural material. It is not filled with additives or dangerous adhesives and binders. It ages beautifully, and damage and wear and tear that occurs over the years is easy to repair, restore, or live with. A kitchen interior in solid wood lasts for several generations and makes it both an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution. Opening a cabinet or drawer in solid wood invokes a special feeling–it smells good and is beautiful to look at. Our kitchens do not contain any strange by-products.

When choosing a solid wood kitchen interior, you need to be aware that wood is a living material. It is affected by external conditions such as moisture and dryness. It is therefore important to try to keep a uniform level of humidity in the room. If the house is newly built or major renovation work has been carried out, humidity levels must be reasonably restored before the kitchen is installed. Solid wood moves with the seasons. If you are looking for perfection and small tolerances, you need to think twice about whether a solid wood kitchen is for you.


During the pandemic we experienced disruption to kitchen production due to supply chain issues. This meant that the pipeline we would normally work with quickly changed. The availability of materials deteriorated drastically as prices quickly skyrocketed. Although many of our materials are Swedish, the market is interconnected with the rest of the world. If Swedish companies can get more for their material abroad it results in rapid and uncontrollable consequences for our domestic market. The price of pine for example, increased by over 100%. It has been a very long time since the world faced such severe and rapid price changes.

During the spring, many of us had hoped for a calmer, more stabilizing situation. Instead, we are in another very critical stage with very uncertain forecasts.

Kitchen renovations and planning of major construction projects usually require long-term planning and credible price pictures to work with. Right now, this is difficult.

We at Funkiskök do everything we can to deliver your orders at the price we offered. However, current world market instability may affect your order. We are doing everything we can to inform our customers as quickly as possible of any changes to their order.


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