Do you already run, or are willing to start up, a centrally located small shop? Would you like to begin selling Funkiskök's range? Do you like the idea of quality products with a long shelf life? Like the challenge of sales to private individuals? Then you are the person we are looking for.

We offer, free of charge, a complete product display, sales materials, and the knowledge you'll need to pass on to your customers.

We have a well-developed kitchen planner and ordering system that forms the basis for your work with the customer and our carpentry shop. We'll work closely together on the sales side and also with the carpentry shop in order to to keep track of all the details of your work with customers.

We have long-term partners on the accessories side that you will be able to develop relationships and additional profit margins from.

Funkiskök's brand is well established in the segment of hand-built, solid wood kitchens and, through its well thought out cabinet systems, provides an easy to navigate product range for private customers. In our small organization there is still a familiar atmosphere throughout the company and it quickly goes from decision to action. We favor organic growth and have a good and healthy economy to lean on.

We welcome your interest and any suggestions on how you would like to help develop Funkiskök and expand our base of satisfied customers so that even more consumers have the opportunity to buy our fine products. Email us at


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